About Us

 April 2015

Reilly-Chance Collection began in 2000. But the story of how we got to that point began about 23 years before.

   I started my own business when I was 17. (Because at 17 you are smarter than everybody else, right?) I went to a pawnshop and bought my very first sewing machine. It cost me $20. It wasn't that I loved to sew. (I had actually almost failed my sewing class in 9th grade-and to this day I still can't sew a stitch of clothing!)  At the time, I thought the reason I made the decision to start my own business was because I didn't really love being told what to do. (I still struggle with that a bit!) 

 Over the years I realized I was doing what God had gifted me to do. It began with me taking in fabrics and work-orders for local decorators/designers. Mostly just dust skirts, simple pillows, etc. Nothing too intimidating. Just sewing out of my home.  As I became more experienced with sewing I was also realizing that I had a good eye for fabric combinations, and the ability to work with people and make them feel not only comfortable with the purchase they were making, but excited and confident. I was fortunate over the years to work with clients who had impeccable taste,which is honestly what helped me "up" my design game.

  While I felt a certain passion for what I was doing with my business, I knew that all I had ever really wanted in life was to be a Mom. I cannot express enough how very fortunate I feel to have been able to be a stay at home Mom for my 2 wonderful sons. My business allowed me that ability. Mom by day, and sewing till the wee hours of the night!

  In the year 2000 I decided to begin Reilly-Chance Collection. My vision was to create a line of "ready-made" products that were as luxurious as any custom made product you could buy. My husband was a police officer at the time, but joined me full time in the business shortly thereafter. We built a workroom that my Dad managed for us for the first 7 years. I still worked from my home up until my youngest son went off to college.

 In the past, we have had a showroom at the Dallas World Trade Center for the past 12 years or so selling wholesale and working direct with store owners all over the United States.

We at Reilly-Chance Collection are excited to now be offering our beautiful line of upscale Home Decor products direct to you, the homeowner, at much better pricing than previously offered by other retail stores.

My hope is for you to love your new bedding or window treatments when you see them in person even more than when you make your purchase!

 Looking forward to helping you make your home even more beautiful,


   P.S. We are often asked, "Where did the name Reilly-Chance come from?" The name Reilly-Chance Collection is a combination of both mine and my husband’s only Grandmother's names. Two great women that we both miss!