Tassel Tie Backs.Tassel Tie Back Holders

Decorative Tassel Tie Backs finish off our Drapery and Curtain Panels perfectly!

They are functional, but also add another layer of detailing to your window treatments. Tassel Tie Backs can hang simply from a hidden cup hook, or add more drama to the look by hanging it from one of our Many Decorative Medallions. (Seen on our Drapery Hardware page).

Decorative Tassel Tie Back Chocolate ...

$ 48.00

Tassel Tie Back Chocolate Brown

$ 45.00

Tassel Tie Back Spa Green

$ 58.00

Tassel Tie Back Bronze

$ 25.00

Tassel Tie Back Blue

$ 68.00

Jeweled Tassel Tie Back

$ 78.00